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More than just an organization, We are a family of dedicated officers

At the heart of our mission is unity – we stand together, shoulder to shoulder, in our unwavering dedication to making Webster, NY a safe and thriving place for all its residents. We are more than just law enforcement; we are guardians, protectors, and friends to those we serve.

Our purpose is clear: to stand united, always ready to serve and protect our community with professionalism and dedication.

Together, we are the guardians of Webster, and we are here to ensure that it remains a place where safety, integrity, and unwavering commitment define our shared legacy.

Members of the Webster Police 1000 Club PBA standing in front of the Webster Comfort Care Home.

Executive Board

The executive board of the Webster Police 1000 Club PBA plays a pivotal role in our organization's governance and mission fulfillment. Comprising a dedicated group of leaders, the board is responsible for setting the strategic direction and overall vision of the PBA.

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Annual golf tournament

Tee up for a good cause

Golf enthusiasts and community supporters, this is your chance to make a difference while having a great time on the course.

Join us on the green for a day of camaraderie and giving at one of our annual charity golf tournaments, where we honor our fallen officers by raising funds to give back to the community and support charitable initiatives that embody their spirit of service and dedication.

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The Webster Police 1000 Club PBA relies on your generous donations to provide assistance to our members, as well as the victims of tragic events. Thank you for your support!

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