Board members

The members of the board are elected by the Webster Police 1000 Club PBA and serve on their behalf. To contact the board, please fill out this form.



Sgt. Michael Wilder

The President of the Webster Police 1000 Club PBA assumes the role of leadership and direction for the organization. They preside over meetings, guide strategic planning initiatives, represent the association in external matters, and foster collaborative relationships with stakeholders. The President also ensures the association's goals align with its mission and advocates for the welfare and interests of its members.
Vice President

Inv. Jeff Mortier

The Vice President plays a crucial supportive role by assisting the President in their duties and assuming their responsibilities in their absence. They may lead committees, coordinate special projects, and facilitate communication among members and the leadership team. The Vice President also helps maintain the association's cohesion and contributes to decision-making processes that drive the organization's objectives.

Ptrl. Ashley Lass

As the Secretary, meticulous record-keeping and effective communication are paramount. This role involves accurately documenting minutes of meetings, maintaining official records, managing correspondence, and disseminating information to members. The Secretary ensures the association's history, actions, and decisions are well-documented and readily accessible, contributing to transparency and efficient functioning.

Invs. Alex Kirkpatrick

The Treasurer oversees the financial health of the Webster Police 1000 Club PBA. Responsibilities include maintaining accurate financial records, managing budgets, monitoring expenses, and providing regular financial reports to the board and members. The Treasurer ensures compliance with financial regulations, recommends sound financial strategies, and safeguards the association's fiscal stability, allowing it to fulfill its commitments and pursue its objectives effectively.